Chelsea Basinger

SoftWare Engineer. Developer.


Find A Lens

Find A Lens is a search app for users and photographers alike to search for each other using coordinates, view each other's profiles, and book photo-shoots on a calendar.

Pockets Full

Pockets Full is an eCommerce site that features various taxidermy products. It was built with React, uses Redux, and uses Firebase for database storage and deployment.  (*still in development)

Before You Leave

Before You Leave is a personalized dashboard site, that allows a user to create a To-Do List, Grocery List, and have access to Top News Headlines and Current Weather.

About Me

I am a developer and software engineer that is passionate about back-end development and data management. After ten years in the Human Resources and Employee Development field, I was encouraged to start looking into coding and development. It was immediately clear that this what was I was meant to be doing. I understand the needs of companies to have impeccable structure, so their users have the best experience possible, and look forward to working with others to ensure that happens.
Apart from development, I am an amateur taxidermist, musician, and former florist that loves spending time outdoors and exploring. Particularly in Montana. Especially in Montana.



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